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At this point in the evolution of the internet, Social Media isn’t a nice-to-have it’s a must-have – an absolutely critical component to any businesses digital marketing strategy. And while it’s true that an unrefined organic social strategy can quickly turn into a waste of money and a waste of time, any refined social agency knows that sometimes ‘less is more’ and that respecting the nuances of the different social channels is the key to getting the most out of them.

TAG helps brands to hire the best social media marketing agencies by matching the right social media initiative with the right agency based on an agency’s core competencies, size, fees and personality.

In regards to core competencies, buyers should be clear on the key differences and nuances between organic social content management and paid social media advertising. Your ability to hire the right agency will depend on it.

Organic Versus Paid

These days, great social media management includes both ‘organic’ content creation and paid social advertising. Marketers can no longer expect to achieve significant visibility in the organic news feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Most of these major social channels have intentionally reduced the visibility that is achievable through organic feeds as a way to force marketers to use paid social ads instead.

Fortunately, paid advertising on social is not only less expensive than most other media alternatives, it’s also extremely targeted allowing marketers to reach key audience demographics with greater precision than ever before.

Of course, managing a social media advertising across multiple social channels requires a totally different skill set than creating organic content and building community. Herein lies a common consideration for business owners regarding how to choose an agency that is great at both.

Respect the Channel

When it comes to building engagement in social, TAG believes that the best social media agencies know to “respect the channel”.

Gone are the days where syndicating the same content through all of your social platforms is even remotely an acceptable. There’s a reason why so many alternatives to Facebook exist and as marketers, we’d be well-served to acknowledge these nuances and devise our content marketing strategies accordingly.

For example, whereas Facebook is highly-visible and has historically been about story telling, Twitter is about listening and offering your perspective in bite-sized nuggets. Similarly, while Pinterest in highly-visual and allows users to build their content inventory in an evergreen way, Snapchat leverages imagery in a totally different way, encouraging marketers to think in real-time and to worry less about the packaging of the content and more about the frequency of it.

It’s About Your Brand

Last but not least, great social media agencies know that social is all about building brand. One could build a compelling case that no marketing channel in the history of marketing has ever (or will ever) be better for building brand than social media. While there’s no doubt that radio and TV have been huge for brand awareness in the past, these channels are interruptive, one-sided, expensive and typically only allow marketers to talk to prospects in 30 – 60 second intervals. Social Media is the opposite of all of this. It’s customer-centric, reciprocal, inexpensive and allows for a constant dialogue with prospects on an ongoing basis. It allows marketers to build real relationships with prospects and it allows for this on-demand, real-time and at-will.

Do the agency and consultants your speaking with respect the different channels? Are they great with both media buying and content creation? And are they brand marketers that are keen to the nuances of brand messaging? Can you even tell?

TAG can help!

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