John Bertino

Founder, CEO

Primary Consulting Areas: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Inbound/Content Marketing and Automation. Thought Leadership and Digital PR

John’s professional background stems from a decade in the agency space where he consulted with clients on SEO and inbound marketing campaigns. During that time, John watched sales people and marketing agencies fight tirelessly to one-up each other and impress prospective clients with industry jargon, flashy proposals and agency bluster. The problem – a remarkable amount of the consulting was based on a matter of convenience to the agency and their own capabilities – not the client’s situation. Enter TAG; the
world’s first true marketing consultancy, 100% focused on providing brands unbiased advice and vetted agency recommendations.

These days, John consults with brands on all areas of marketing with a primary concentration in SEO, content marketing and digital PR. He teaches several courses on the subjects at the University of San Diego and SCORE where he works closely with entrepreneurs of all sizes. John also organizes large community events through his group the SoCal Marketing Club, one of the west coast’s largest digital marketing clubs.